Year of Wonders

I haven’t shared with you, friends, what this year holds for me. I’ve hinted a little here and there, but some dreams are so precious you just want to hold them to yourself for a little bit. Not because you don’t believe in them. Because you do.

This is the year that I write three books. You read that right. Three books. Or, to be more specific, three entire drafts, with one of the three to be finished entirely.

This is the year that I start my own social enterprise. You know that’s why I’ve been studying business and economics last year and this. This year it’s going to happen. I’ve been saving for the equipment I need, designing and learning, and soon, soon, Kind Fox will be launching.

One of my logo concepts, partially completed. This one looks like an ice cream!
One of my logo concepts, partially completed. This one looks like an ice cream!

This is the year my husband quits his job in IT, studies media production, and starts his own media production business. This is already underway. And I’m helping, and by helping I mean giving suggestions while he does all the work.

This is the year we finish renovating our new little apartment with the fireplace and the giant studio underneath. A studio we’ll need to achieve all of the other things we’re planning to do.

This is the year all our dreams from the past few years coalesce into something real.

It’s been a hard few years, friends. We’ve been working, working, working, but sometimes (oftentimes) it seemed nothing would come of our dearly held dreams. Michael was meant to be a high school teacher, but as he ground out assignment after assignment at uni, it was beginning to feel like someone else’s dream. In the meantime, he was putting more and more of himself into his volunteer job producing our local hockey team’s online video stream. This was where he came alive. Not in the classroom, but in the production studio. It took us far too long to see.

For my part, I’d honestly stopped believing. In myself and in my dream. I kept working, working, working, but it was a grind, I’d lost the joy, and it showed in the work. And then our big family trip to New York, planned and dreamed over for almost a year, devastated me in ways I hadn’t anticipated, seeing the poverty, wanting to help but not knowing how. There had to be a way I could both live the full, creative life I’d dreamed of and help others at the same time. There had to be a way.

There was a way. There’s always a way. We just hadn’t seen it yet.

And this year, this year, it’s all coming together. All the spider threads of dreams and latent talents and stubbornly-held faith. It’s happening. The joy of it, oh you have no idea, the joy.

It’s terrifying, of course, but in a good way. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re leaping blissfully into the great unknown. But we have faith, oh wow, do we have faith, that big things are coming. We’re doing the things we were always meant to do. We’re living the lives we were always meant to live.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
― Howard Thurman



Year of Wonders

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