Adventures At Sea

So, big first week of 2013. I’m determined to make it a great one, and it has been so far.

Things I’ve done:

Colour: Lagoona Teal
Colour: Lagoona Teal

Painted my bookshelves. I’ve been mulling over what shade of blue/green to pick for months, and I thin I landed on a good one. That’s the first bookshelf, partially packed. The bottom shelf you can see there is going to be my “To be read” shelf, and one of my 2013 goals will be to read everything on that shelf. I’m starting with Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. The second bookshelf is still in the garage because it had a little accident in the wind and now must be repaired. Boo.

Beth in her natural environment.
Beth in her natural environment.

I went sailing! It was a dolphin cruise in Port Stephens (I feel so very lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place). I’m never happier than when I’m by the water, and so, as you can imagine, I was pretty dang happy. Also, research. Kinda. The Husband and I have decided that when we are rich and famous we will buy a big catamaran and we will live in it sometimes, traveling the world. We will also have jetskis, because jetskis are awesome.

And this happened:

End Draft 1 (or 7 if you're counting that way)
End Draft 1 (or 7 if you’re counting that way)

It’s a good 25k shorter than the original version, which is good because I expect it to grow another 10k in revisions, and I reckon 65k is easier to revise than 90k. So how much longer before I resubmit? A couple of months, give or take. I can’t wait. The sea story beckons…

This afternoon I had a look at the model ship I’m going to be making. And I cried. I decided to build a model ship so I would have another form of artistic expression other than writing, something to turn to when the writing isn’t going well. But… It’s going to be tough. Really tough. First job is to carve the hull out of a vaguely boat-shaped hunk of wood. I’ve never done anything like this and frankly I’m terrified.

Reminds me of revisions, actually.

So tell me, what did you do in your first week of 2013? Things going well so far? I hope so, but no despairing if they aren’t, okay? This guy says it all:

Adventures At Sea

4 thoughts on “Adventures At Sea

  1. Great video! And a great first week of 2013! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So far in my first week there have been walks on the beach (yay), journalling plans for my next draft of THW (also yay, because I like where it’s going), and watching hockey & ordering pizza for dinner (also yay, because hockey, right?, and because I kind of hit the wall in the whole cooking-and-cleaning thing by the time Christmas was over). So, a pretty relaxed start to the year!

    1. bethanyrsmith says:

      All those things sound amazing! The Husband saw your hockey tweet and he is insanely jealous. Can’t wait until our season starts up in April. Also, so excited about THW. PLEASE let me know when there is a draft for me to read ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Mostly when I watch hockey it’s the NHL, which is in a lockout this season, so no games! But right now I’m watching the World Jr championship — Canada plays for the bronze tonight (which most Canadian hockey fans find hugely disappointing because it’s not GOLD, lol, but it’s still pretty awesome! and it’s good hockey).

        I’ll definitely holler when I have a draft for you to read!

      2. bethanyrsmith says:

        Yeah, Michael is fairly upset about the lockout, as this was the first year he got game center and would have been able to watch the NHL games over here. We’re so hockey-hungry at the moment, but not too much longer until our season starts (or the lockout ends, *crosses fingers*). Happy revising!

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