When all You can Manage is a Word

One of my adventures.
One of my adventures.

This will be a short post, for reasons to be made clear.

I want to talk about goals (because it’s a day ending in ‘y’) and I want to talk about being busy (because I have been).

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like you are being tugged in a dozen different directions all at once and Christmas is coming and the puppy needs flea treatment and work’s driving you crazy and there’s a hole in the roof and oh my goodness it’s almost time to make New Years resolutions.

Sometimes goal-setting seems like a luxury the non-busy people have. But it’s not. Goal setting is how you break through all the busyness to focus on what’s really important in life. It’s how you prioritize all those things tugging at you. It’s how you stay sane.

I’ve been busy lately. But I have big dreams and I’m not going to let busyness get in the way of them. So, recently I’ve narrowed my list of goals down to something I could manage. Something contained in just a couple of words: Writer Adventurer.

Those two words encompass everything about what I want to be and what I want to do. So in the midst of moving house and everything else that’s going on in my life, I cling to those two words and I let them guide my choices in how I spend my time and energy.

Today, being a Writer Adventurer means walking the dog and plotting the second half of my revision. That’s all I can handle, apart from everything else going on in my life. But if I do those two things I will feel like I’ve achieved something. I will stay sane.

So, in the midst of hard and busy times, don’t try to stick to your massive goal list, don’t sign up for NaNo, don’t drive yourself crazy with word count goals and detailed exercise plans. Just pick a word or two that encapsulates those goals — maybe healthy, or writer, or mother — and each day find a way to work towards those words.

So. With that said, I’m going off to be a Writer Adventurer.


When all You can Manage is a Word

2 thoughts on “When all You can Manage is a Word

  1. Very wise words, Beth! I totally agree about having a word or two that encapsulates who we want to be or what we want to achieve. Kind of like a mini-mantra…a quick way to make sure we are on track, moving choice by choice, day by day, closer to where we want to be.

    Thanks so much for posting. You’ve got me thinking about which word or two I want to grab onto. šŸ™‚

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