Seven Things About Me

One of my goals for this year was to make new writer friends. Other than, you know, writing a novel, I think this is the single best goal I could have made for my writing career. I met Kip through March Madness and we just happened to be at a similar stage with our manuscripts, so we decided to do a swap. And that was the start of a beautiful friendship 🙂

Kip’s help has been instrumental in my growth as a writer this year, and I was totally chuffed when she nominated me for a Reader Appreciation Blog Award.

The way this works is I’ll tell you seven things about me, then nominate a bunch of other blogs for the award. So here are my seven things:
1. When I was a teenager I had a pierced eyebrow. People who know me tend to find this shocking. The piercing ended up being ripped out accidentally by a toddler I was looking after and I still have the scar to prove it.

2. I met my honey when I was seventeen and we were engaged six months later. In February we will have been married for five years. We’re planning to go to Hawaii for our anniversary.

3. I work at a detective agency. I took the job because I love mystery novels and Veronica Mars is one of my favorite TV shows. One day I’d love to write a series of detective novels.

4. I never wear any shoes that I couldn’t run in or kick a bad guy in. I blame this on the mystery novels.

5. Growing up I was a bit of an outdoor nut. I surfed, hiked and white water rafted every chance I got. I miss the days when I had time for stuff like that!

6. My worst fear used to be being unable to sleep, and then I went through six months of really bad insomnia. I’m not scared of it anymore, but I am now something of an expert on the TV show FRIENDS. I probably watched it something like 20 times through while awake in the wee hours.

7. My husband and I plan to move to the Pacific Northwest one day. I fell in love with the area through a video game, Alan Wake. When we finally went there it was more beautiful than I’d even imagined.
I’m nominating a bunch of my new writer friends whose blogs inspire and encourage me:

1. Jaye Robin Brown

2. Lisa Ann O’Kane

3. Keeley Parrack

4. Shari Green (who I know has already been nominated)

5. Amy Christine Parker
So here are the rules for those I’ve nominated:

1. Identify and show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you.
2. You must add the reward logo to your blog.
3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
4. You must nominate 5-10 of your favourite bloggers for this award.
5. Inform you nominees that you nominated them.

Seven Things About Me

4 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me

  1. I love that bad-guy-kickability is important in how you choose your footwear, LOL.

    Thanks for nominating me. I’ve very delinquent, but now that I’ve been nom’d twice, I’d better get cracking and participate in this! 🙂

  2. kiperoo says:

    Oooooh, I love your list. How cool that you work in a detective agency! I also only wear shoes I could run in–you NEVER know. 🙂

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