On Achieving Goals and Meeting Milestones

Since our dating days, one of Michael and my favourite things to do is go out for coffee or for a drive and talk about The Future. We’re goal oriented people. Since those early days there have been a few things we’ve been working towards: Going on a road trip around the US/Canada. Getting a puppy. Buying a house.

The road trip happened last year (and was amazing!). We welcomed a Labrador puppy into our family six weeks ago. On Friday we received pre-approval for a home loan.

We’re moving into a very odd period of our lives. In fact, since getting back from our Amazing Overseas Adventure the husband and I have been feeling a little out of sorts. All our hard work is coming to fruition. We’re having all the big adventures we always dreamed of. Now what?

We enjoy the fruits of our labour, right? Believe me, we are.Image


But… is that enough? It’s not that we’re not happy, not satisfied with what we have. It’s that it’s not just about the end product. For Michael and I, a large part of the satisfaction comes from working towards the goal. So we’ve made new goals.

It’s a lot like novel writing. Recently I finished polishing a novel. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written. I’ve worked so, so hard. I suppose the larger goal would be publication, but I’ve written a novel that I’m proud of, and whatever happens next, this is more than enough for me. It’s SUCH an amazing feeling.

My celebration: Buying book related items. The canvas for my character. The R for Restless.

But despite the satisfaction that comes from achieving my goal, soon enough I’ll want to be writing again. Soon enough I’ll long for the happiness that comes from the day-to-day. That comes from the work.

Some might ask “When does it stop?” For me, it never stops, and that’s the larger joy.

It’s not about not being satisfied with the goals I have achieved. It’s about being satisfied with the process. It’s about the work. It’s always about the work.

On Achieving Goals and Meeting Milestones

2 thoughts on “On Achieving Goals and Meeting Milestones

  1. kiperoo says:

    Yesssss! So happy for you that you are achieving your goals, and that new ones are cropping up in their places. I predict Big Things for your recently-polished novel, and hope you are working on a new one, too! 🙂

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