It’s A Girl!

On Monday night Michael and I travelled up to Taree, where we’d booked a night in a little motel. We both slept, which is a small miracle considering how excited we were. The next day we woke up early and called Anne at Eleazer Labradors – she told us to come on over, our little girl was all ready and waiting for us.

The drive to the Eleazar property was … exciting. Dirt lanes (one appropriately named Muddy Lane), blind corners, potholes big enough to swallow a small horse… but we made it, and this is what we found there:

Hello, Mika!

The tiniest, most adorable little Labrador puppy. We also got to meet Mum and Grandma…

Mummy is Charli, the chocolate lab. Grandma is Chloe, the yellow.

The drive home was lovely and quiet. Mika spent some time on my lap, and then she curled up on her blanket in the foot well, alternatively sleeping and chewing on her squirrel:

Sleepy girl!

She met many new friends throughout the day, including her Aunty Lena:


She also discovered the joys of squeaky toys:


More gratuitous puppy photos:

Who can resist that face?
Aaand… she’s down for the count.

We had a pretty good first night – she only woke up once to go to the toilet. She did decide 5.30am was playtime, however, so Mummy didn’t get quite as much sleep as she would have liked. Ah well.

We are learning much about our new addition.

Things she has no interest in: Kibble, dog treats, peanut butter, cream cheese.

Things she loves: Things that make crinkly noises, the tags on her toys, chokos and falling asleep on her Daddy’s lap.

We love our little girl 🙂

It’s A Girl!

6 thoughts on “It’s A Girl!

  1. Best blog post ever!!
    Oh I loves her so much! If I didn’t have to be stuffing my brain full of french for my test I would be back over in a flash! Perhaps I will pop by tonight after my test so she can charm away any post examination blues.
    I love that she dislikes dog food but adores chokos! She is so funny 😛

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