Let’s Play Pretend

I know I promised a blog post full of puppy love, but unfortunately I was really sick last weekend and wasn’t able to visit our puppy after all. Sad face. BUT we pick her up on Tuesday! For good! I can hardly believe it’s finally time!

To welcome this new member into our family, I have taken three weeks of puppy-leave. So apart from puppy cuddles, for the next three weeks I get to play the ultimate game of pretend. I get to pretend I’m a full time writer! This will be me:


This is very exciting for me, obviously. I have great plans to venture into the wild of my revisions. I will be a Writer- Adventurer, like this (but hopefully not so terrified):


I will slay my doubt-demons and find the truth of my story like Alan Wake!


Story, prepare to be dominated.


To get to the end before I go back to work I have to revise about 4000 words per day (leaving the weekends as grace days). I think this is doable. Especially as I will have full access to the coffee machine, and regular puppy breaks to clear my head. Plus, I won’t get sick this time, as I normally do when I make a writing goal, because I got that out of the way last weekend!

I’m excited šŸ˜€

So tell me, how are your goals going?


Let’s Play Pretend

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