The Writer In Her Natural Environment

I finally got bookshelves! Yay! No more rummaging through boxes, or tripping over piles of books. I can actually see all the books I own! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I would give you a tour of my office in progress. Much is still to be done, but I am awfully pleased by the results so far.

(Sorry for the iphone photos – it’s just what I had handy)

From the doorway

Fair warning: For the sake of authenticity, I didn’t tidy at all. You may see the stray old coffee mug or half-eaten packet of biscuits. Eventually I will paint the bookshelves white, which I did to the one in our lounge room, but they’re fine raw for now :). The next major addition I plan to make is a new desk. This one has served me well since high school, but I long for space to lay a printed manuscript, so I don’t have to do all my revisions at the dining room table.

And now, section by section:

Reading chair!

Another high school purchase, my lovely reading chair. The pillow is a new purchase. This is where I do all my beta reading, and my own revision planning, which explains the crayons and notebook. You can’t see it here, but my current read is Fracture by Megan Miranda, which is AMAZING so far.

Novels in progress

These folders are my novels in progress. I put all my notes in there. The notebook is for ideas that haven’t made it to outline stage yet. The biscuits are for sustenance in my late night revision sessions 😛

Inspiration photos and books

I finally have somewhere to put my inspiration photos! That photo frame in the upper left is my absolute favorite. Cabin in the woods… how perfectly evocative! The books are currently unsorted, which is why you can see the Dictionary Of Sociology next to James Patterson.

On my desk

You can tell I’m married to an IT guy, can’t you? I find this setup extremely handy, though. I like having a working document or research open on my laptop, while the Scrivener file holding my novel is up on the monitor. I’m currently playing The Civil Wars, as you can’t quite see. It’s good. Really, really good. You can also see my breakfast, which I have since consumed. The post-it on the bankers lamp is my revision checklist.

Manuscript Boxes

These are for the stories that make it to novel form. The bottom two are finished (save for revisions on Ghost Story). The top one is my new story, which I’ve just started.


This is the typewriter my lovely husband bought me last year for my birthday. Isn’t it perfect? And that’s the mock novel cover Michael made for me recently.

Revision notes

On the back of my office door, these are the notes for my last revision. But open the door and walk into the hall, and this is what you see:

The Shrunken Manuscript

This is my whole novel, in shrunken form. You can see I’m starting to plan my next (hopefully last) round of revision. You can also see husband’s foot 😛

So I hope you’ve enjoyed learning far too much about my life. I’ve enjoyed sharing!

What does your writing space look like?


The Writer In Her Natural Environment

4 thoughts on “The Writer In Her Natural Environment

  1. I loved seeing your workspace! Thanks for sharing the photos. (Awesome bookshelves! I need more, but am trying to part with some books instead. It is a painful process…. ;))

  2. OMG, I need those doors! I would love to hang my novel, but my writing space is open to my dining room(and the rest of the house). I like your cushy chair as well. The whole space is uber cozy. AND that typewriter! Don’t get me started!

    As for me, I tend to haunt several places to write: the lliving room chair, the sofa, the patio, Barnes and Noble, our clubhouse pool deck, random restaurants. I get restless at a desk. Also there is a maniacal squirrel that always jumps into the window right next to my desk a dozen times a day and it startles me everytime. Makes me twitchy!

    1. bethanyrsmith says:

      Thanks, Amy!

      Haha, maniacal squirrel. Yeah, I don’t have any of those. But as I’m writing a dark and moody book, I often close the blinds and write in the dark anyway.

      I do love having writing dates at interesting places, like my favorite cafe, but I write after work most of the time, and home is the most convenient location.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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