An Easter Retrospective

It’s fun to look back at the year that was. Last year, just before Easter, I wrote this post: Easter Writing Marathon.

I had big plans that Easter. I was about 12k into my new novel (the one that would become Restless) and I was hoping to hit 20k. That didn’t happen. Despite my wonderful plans, I came down with the flu really, really badly. I spent most of Easter sleeping or playing video games while coughing up all sorts of disgusting things.

This Easter I’m in a fairly similar place. I’m just starting a new novel and I’m planning to spend Easter racking up the word count. But this time, I’m prepared. I’ve been drinking plenty of orange juice and taking vitamins, and I WILL NOT get sick  this time.

In a month or to I’ll be querying that novel I was writing last Easter. I wonder if next Easter I’ll be querying this one?

I love that I did eventually write that 20k I was hoping for. In fact, I made it to 77k. I love that no matter what challenges have come across my path in the last year, I worked hard and achieved what I set out to do. Yay me!

What were you doing this time last year? What have you achieved since then, and how have your goals changed?

Portland, Maine
An Easter Retrospective

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