An Overload of Cuteness

Sorry for the blog silence, all! I’ve been lost in the revision cave for awhile. Over the weekend, though, I finally finished!!!

Woohoo, celebration!! *dies*

I’ve been hibernating since then, utterly exhausted, hence the lack of blogging.

To add to my happiness, we received some excellent news: On Sunday our puppy was born!!!

Mum and bubs!

We put our name down for a chocolate lab, but surprise! They all came out black. We don’t mind. Who could resist these little babies?

The litter

We’re so, so excited to be parents! In six weeks we can go see her, and in eight weeks we can pick her up. We have lots of puppy-proofing to do before then.

Here are the girls:

One of these is our Mika!

While I wait for CPs to get back to me, I’m drafting a query and researching agents. This part of the process is exciting, but also anxious-making. I’m so glad I will have a puppy to cuddle while I send out queries!

In other news, Amy Christine Parker, who I know on Twitter, just sold her novel! It’s called The Silo and it’s about a post-apocalyptic cult. How amazing does that sound? Go congratulate her if you have a chance!

Well, I’m off to stare at the puppy photos more. So excited!

An Overload of Cuteness

11 thoughts on “An Overload of Cuteness

  1. Just had to pop over from Denise’s blog to check out your puppy pictures. They’re adorable! I was raised with Labs, then spent 30+ years breeding, training and showing Shelties before adding Labs to the mix again. In retirement now, we have a six-year-old black Lab… the love of our lives! So congratulations on the arrival of yours. (And of course, also on your writing achievements. Finishing your revision is awesome!)

    1. bethanyrsmith says:

      Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by! We couldn’t be more excited about starting the journey with our first puppy. Labs are such beautiful, intelligent dogs. I can’t wait to bring her home 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for blogging about my upcoming novel, The Silo! And those puppies are soooo cute!!! I can’t show my kids because they are already after me for a dog and this will just push them over the edge:)

    1. bethanyrsmith says:

      Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by! I fell in love with your novel’s description and the title is just so perfect for a book about an apocalyptic cult. I can just picture the cover in my mind all cool and spooky.

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