In Which I Become A Brunette

So on Friday something that never happens happened. Every part of my life came together to perfectly create the ideal writing environment. Firstly, I had an insanely good nights sleep on Thursday night (this is a rare and beautiful occurrence). Then I got off work four hours early (whee!). Thirdly, we had an abundance of coffee in the house, and because it was a Friday night I could have as much as I wanted (three cups all up)(No, I didn’t sleep much).

So I sat down at my laptop and made a deal with Twitter/The Universe. If I could finish my draft in one long writing marathon, I would dye my hair.

This is what I look like today:

Sorry for the Facebook shot, folks!

I think I look like Katniss. Agree? Maybe this will help:

Today has been celebration day because I finally, finally, finally wrote “The End” on my novel (you will remember I left the ending hanging in my first draft because there was so much I wanted to change that the original ending would no longer make sense).

My lovely friend Lena (who played Rory to my Lane in the great hair dyeing experiment) brought me flowers and Frosty Fruit ice blocks (I love you, Lena!) to help celebrate.

Please ignore our lunch dishes...

And I slept in, which never happens. And I unpacked my books onto the floor because I do not yet have bookcases.


For the rest of the weekend I plan to play video games. I so rarely have time, but I do love it so. In the last break between novels I played Alan Wake, and you will see how this influenced Restless when you read it (which I promise you will). I don’t know how Uncharted will influence my next novel as they are in no way alike, but you never know…

I’m taking the rest of this week off to celebrate and recoup, but I’ll be back next week for another read through (note to self: must buy post-its). Not thinking about that yet, though, because I FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!

In Which I Become A Brunette

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