Let Me Just Go Talk To The Boss

I had a bit of a crazy weekend. Not crazy as in crazy things happened, but that I went a little crazy. Like Kristen Bell in the video below, it doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge into crazy-land. On this particular weekend, it was to do with my writing. I kept freaking out about how much I had to do and how little time I had to do it in.

Then I had a complete “Duh” moment when (my wonderful, long-suffering) Husband said “You do realize the only person setting these insane deadlines is you?”

My friend Lena came over a bit later, when most of the craziness had subsided and she characterized it thusly:

“Okay, Beth, I see you’re a little stressed about these deadlines. Let me just go talk to the boss. Hi, Beth, I was just wondering if Beth could get an extension on those chapters you asked her to write. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to meet the deadline. Oh, that’s fine? Great. Hey Beth, you can relax, the boss says you can have an extension.”

So, I’ve talked to the boss and she told me to take as much time as I need 😛

Today I went back to one of my favourite writing resources – Not For Robots by Laini Taylor – and read through  the Revising section. Somehow Laini manages to make revising seem like so much fun. One thing that really resonated with me was this:

“This job is not for the lazy, or the half-assed. Well, sure, lots of lazy, half-assed books get published and even become bestsellers, so that proves me wrong. I guess this whole screed of mine is a plea to NOT contribute to that. Please, write good books. Give the world GOOD BOOKS. Only add books to the shelves of the world that you truly believe in and love, that you cradled in your mind with great devotion and worked at with diligence and craft.”

I have a choice while revising. I can give into my impatience and rush through the revising stage. Or I can write the very best book I can and be insanely proud of all the hard work I’ve done. And now that I have permission from the boss, I’m going to choose the second option.

So, sorry to all those lovely people who have agreed to read my story when it’s finished, but it’s going to take a little while longer. My mental health is at stake 😛

Let Me Just Go Talk To The Boss

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