My Projects

So I’ve got a lot going on right now. There’s that whole full-time job thing, of course, but then there are a whole bunch of other things that I try to divide the rest of my time between. And because I’m me, I just keep adding extra things to that list. Here are my current projects:

1. Book. Still not talking about it publically, but this one has me by the balls, excuse the expression. I am totally slayed by this project, in a good way. I’ve just got to work on setting aside time and conserving my energy to work on it. I’m about 10% of the way in.

A visual representation of my WIP
A visual representation of the WIP

2. Travel. It’s coming up fast! We aren’t exactly sure of the dates yet – work is getting back to me on when would suit them best to lose me for two months – but as soon as I get the OK we will be massively in planning mode. There is A LOT to think about. 
USA. We is going. Soon.

3. House buying. Yup, we’re making steps in that direction. We’re organising the finances and looking at places and dreaming of pets and painting walls and hanging pictures and birdbaths and the like. Definitely excited about this one. We could be home owners in a matter of months if we find the right place. 
Spending quite a bit of time browsing this website.
I’d show you one of the houses we like but I don’t want to jinx it!
4. Dog house. I’m planning to build one. I think I’m in the pre-puppy nesting stage, because after travel and house buying our next big project is going to be a labrador puppy! So I’ve found a design I like here and we’re slowly collecting all the building stuff we will need and ordering "woodworking for dummies" online and, probably when we move into the new house, I’m going to be building it with my friend Raech. Oh, did I mention we are travelling and house-buying with another couple, our good friends Raech and Michael? Do we sounds absolutely nuts? All the better.
Dog house
The dog house I’m planning to build, from the above linked site.

All of these projects require a lot of time and thinking and planning and dreaming, so my time has been especially limited lately. I feel happiest when I’m working towards my goals, but I’ve had to be very careful I don’t overdo it lately. I’m pretty tired. Working on making sleep more of a priority and trying not to plan too much stuff after work, because I need that time to spend with my husband and do yoga and rest and write. ‘Trying’ is the operative word, because I tend to get a bit preoccupied with my projects and want to go out and look at houses and plan appointments with financial people and have our friends over for planning/dreaming sessions. 

Doing well, though. Doing very well. Just think, in a year’s time I could be sitting in my study in my very own home, looking out the window at my puppy playing in the yard, with souvenirs from America hanging on my walls. I could be smelling dinner being cooked by my husband or my housemates and getting ready to join them out on the deck. I’ll close down the Scrivener folder for my third book and place the novel I’d just finished reading back on the bookshelf and smile as I think of how far we’ve come. I’ll thank God for all he has blessed us with, just as I do today.

My Projects

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