Busy Bee

I love being busy. I love having lots to do. So, you see, I am perfectly well suited to full-time work. Who woulda thunk? These past few weeks have been spent on the following:

– Working, working, working

– Getting to know my lovely co-workers

– Getting to know the clerk at the petrol station on my route to work (ha)

– Working out how to fit life in and being rather successful

– Writing by nights

– Eating tons of takeaway (still haven’t done a proper grocery shop!)

– Finding little snippets of time to spend with my husband

– Being inspired by romantic locations

– Visiting the cafe where Michael and I had our first date

– Not celebrating Valentines Day (I’m not a hater, we were just knackered after all of the above)

– Reading about the demise of Borders

– Reading

– Yoga

– Cleaning, but only when I absolutely had to (like when there are no clothes left)

– Did I mention working?

What I haven’t been doing:

– Spending any time on forums

– Seeing friends or family (still haven’t figured how to fit that in!)

– Running (might fit that in this weekend)

– Not sleeping. That’s right. Since I got this job I have had the best sleeps I’ve had in about a year. Seriously, 8+ every night.

– Stressing about industry stuff or subbing

And I finally have a free weekend, my husband is road-tripping with his brother, and I’m going to be doing the following:

– Playing Alan Wake

– Reading

– Writing

You may have noticed I actually have "writing" on that list. Yup. Actual writing – not planning or revising or editing, writing. I’m so happy.


Busy Bee

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