An Update

Wow. It’s been a month since I last posted. That’s crazy. Funny thing is, the blog is one thing that I never feel guilty about neglecting. I never feel the need to make excused (even when I have ’em). Maybe this is because I have maybe 2 regular readers, and one of those is my husband. But I think the real reason is that I didn’t start this blog for anyone but myself. I write because I enjoy it. I like keeping track of my life on here, of celebrating accomplishments, of talking about stuff I love, like books and tv.

So even though I said I wouldn’t make excuses, the reason I haven’t been on here much is because all the stuff I want to talk about has had to remain kind of secret. And in a google-able world, I don’t think it’s smart to talk about job applications and the submissions process too much where anyone could read it. One of these things has resolved itself, however, and I can officially announce:

I am now a Report Writer at a private investigations company! If you know me, you know why this is so awesome. If you don’t, here it is in brief:
1. I am now writing for a living!
2. I really needed to move on from my last job.
3. I want to write mysteries.
4. We’re saving for travel and a house, and me having full time work is going to help SO MUCH.

I had my trial day on Monday, started officially on Tuesday, had my last day at my old work on Wednesday, and worked for the rest of the week. It was my first full time week ever!

I’m spending this weekend figuring out the whole work-life-writing balance thing. Michael has already offered to cook extra nights so I can write (my husband is so awesome!).

On the submissions front, I pressed send for maybe the last time on Tiger Eye. No more revisions for me (I hope!). I’ve spent the last 12 months revising this baby so I’m so happy and relieved it’s finally out there, out of my hands, finally freeing me up to start something new. What will that something be? Well, I have a pretty good idea but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet. Suffice it to say, it has something to do with update #1.

So today and tomorrow: planning, cleaning, reading, more planning (the writing kind) and hopefully hanging out with the husband. I don’t want to push myself too hard when I’ve just started a new job – I’ll burn out in no time. But I also want to instill good habits from the outset.

Also while on hiatus, Michael and I went to Queensland, where we visited the city I based Petra on (always trippy) and went to Movie World (which is where I got the idea for Tiger Eye). We also celebrated out 3 year wedding anniversary (big grin).

Life is good.

An Update

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