2010 Recap and New Years Resolutions

I know you’re all aware of how much I love goals and resolutions so I won’t harp on about it again.

2010 was pretty damn great. I finished my first novel and several rounds of revisions. I made some career decisions that have put writing firmly in the front seat. I started planning our trip to the US and roped in some friends to come with us. I changed majors and universities. I turned 21. It’s been an amazing ride.

There have been a few challenges along the way, such as being hit by some fierce insomnia for the greater part of the year, but I think I handled them with positivity and faith, so I’m not unhappy with the year as a whole.

Here’s a look at my 2010 resolutions and how I did in achieving them:

1. Read 80 books. I realised rather quickly that this wasn’t going to happen. Part of my motivation for making this goal to begin with was to figure out how much I could read in a year. My total was largely affected by my sleeplessness – I find it near impossible to concentrate when tired – but still, I’m pretty happy with my total of 33. And that total would be MUCH higher if I counted how many times I’ve read Tiger Eye ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Have a polished manuscript ready for submission to agents by the end of the year. This one is also largely achievable because, as outlined above, I’m already on track. I plan to have finished a second draft by May, ready to be critiqued by my reader-friends and anyone I can else I can convince to read it. Done!!! I’m very proud of this one. Back when I made this goal I couldn’t have imagined the amazing responses I’ve received.

3. Go to the gym 80 times. This is just under twice a week. I find this one particularly daunting. I’ve definitely worked out over twice a week for extended periods of time before, but for some reason the ‘gym’ part of the equation scares me a bit. I know it will be heaps of fun once I get up the guts to try the place out properly – there’s a pool! and treadmills! and yoga classes!  – so hopefully this resolution pushes me through the fear. Ha! How cute.

4. Save up enough dough for a house deposit. You may notice I didn’t make this one "buy a house", although that is definitely on the cards. This is because we are not sure yet whether Michael will be able to work once we get to the US in 2011 and if he can’t we will need all the money we can possibly scrounge up to survive for the year. Wow. I didn’t realise we were still planning to go on exchange back then. Plans have changed dramatically – we are now going to the US with friends for 2 months in 2011 and buying a house with those same friends in 2012. And I’m very happy with our savings this year ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Do 80 bible studies from my "Search the Scriptures" book. The book is intended for completion in a year, but I know that if I set a goal of doing a bible study every single day I will most definitely disappoint myself. 80 seems to be the watchword for this year’s resolutions. Soon after I made this goal something pretty amazing happened – Michael and I actually found a couples Bible study to join! It’s been such an amazing year, getting to know these lovely people, learning about God together. Combined with my personal bible study sessions I’m certain I’ve done at least 80, if not from the one study as I’d planned. I’ve also learned to use prayer to help my writing and I feel a great deal of my growth this year has its genesis in that.

6. Turn 21. Ha! It’s good to have one in there that I know I will complete no matter what. Tick!

So what’s in store for 2011? Here are my resolutions so far:

1. Read more books than I did in 2010

2. Have some sort of conclusion regarding my first book, whether that’s a sale or retirement.

3. Finish the first draft of another book.

4. Make progress on research/planning for Secret Project

5. Travel to the US

6. Secret goal to do with day job

And that’s it. I’m a bit wary of trying to take on too much this year as much of it will be taken up by travel/planning travel. You may notice I didn’t put down any health goals and that’s because this year my health and how much I exercised was largely out of my control. I suppose if I did make a goal it would be to pursue a healthy lifestyle with the right motivations – not to be skinny, not because of negativity, but because health is empowering and vital to our happiness and wellbeing.

I think more than any other time in my life, 2010 has been a year of clarifying what really matters to me. I made sacrifices for those things I care about. Family, friends, writing, health. I think my stress levels in general have been pretty under control. I chug along, enjoying the special moments, working towards my goals with my loved ones always by my side.

Here’s to 2011! I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing year.

What do you have planned?

2010 Recap and New Years Resolutions

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