Filling up the Tank

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve had a good reason. I’ve posted before about my firm belief in the importance of taking breaks. I’m not one of those writers who think you should write every single day. I do believe the maxim that "writers write" but I also believe "writers read" and "writers watch movie/tv/other forms of media" as well as "writers clean the house" and "writers hang out with friends and family". So, basically, my thinking is that in order to write about life you must first have one.

So that’s what I’ve been doing since I sent out my queries (nothing new to report on that front, but last week was thanksgiving in the states so I wasn’t expecting news). I’ve been watching movies and tv, reading, buying Christmas presents and hanging out with friends and family. Filling up the tank, so to speak.

Also, there’s this thing that always happens to me at the end of my exams. As soon as I feel like I can finally relax, I suddenly contract some form of flu/cold/bug and start coughing up a lung. Now, I wasn’t at uni this semester, but finishing up my book happened to coincide with the uni exam period, and sure enough, as soon as I put down that red editing pen, I got sick. I’ve eaten nothing but soup and soothers for days.

Resting and ‘filling up the tank’ has the wonderful side effect of blooming inspiration. Two weeks ago I was feeling incredibly tired and burnt out. I was actually scared I may never get excited about a new idea. But as I spend time filling up on beauty and wonder and fabulous stories, I’ve started getting that old itch back…

Oh, and I’m so excited about Christmas coming! We’ve decorated the house, put up the tree, wrapped presents and bought a cute little nativity scene. Soon we’ll be planning our Christmas dessert menu and cleaning up the yard for the fabulous outdoor feast we always host for our family and friends.

And this time next year we will be in New York, finishing up our holiday in style.

But for now, I’m resting up, filling the tank and trying to get rid of this ugly bug I’ve got.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Filling up the Tank

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