Happy-Making List

Thing 1:

Yesterday my lovely mother-in-law and I had manicures! It was my first, and as I’m not a big nail person, probably my last for a very long time, so I decided to pick a crazy colour. I asked for watermelon but the colour turned out more what I like to call ‘harlot red’. My MIL’s colour, while much more subtle than mine, had a very interesting name that I promised I wouldn’t tell, but is a word I would never use to describe her – making it all the more hilarious.

harlot red!

The colour is also rather Christmas-y, in a "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus" kind of way, which makes me happy because…

Thing 2:

I’ll be getting a nice big tax cheque in the next few days which means I can do my Christmas shopping early! I’ve noticed a fair amount of bah humbugging around these parts, but I for one love Christmas. I’m so excited it’s coming to this time of year, largely because:

Thing 3:

It’s so beautifully warm today! It’s the kind of weather than makes me remember why I live in Australia rather than anywhere else on the planet. I love rolling out of bed and pulling on some jean shorts and being completely comfortable. I only wish it were this lovely all year ’round. Yesterday, after the manicure, we went to the beach for a short walk and it was just achingly beautiful. The water is still a bit cool but come December I’ll be living at the beach.

Thing 4:

My bestie Lena is finishing her exams on Wednesday so we can hang out again! I see many movie marathons, coffee dates and beach trips in our future. Oh, I love summer!

Thing 5:

Work managed to squeeze me in for a massage this morning and I’m pretty optimistic it will have taken care of those disabling headaches I’ve been getting, allowing me to enjoy all of the above.

Thing 6:

I might just finish my read-through of Tiger Eye today, which means I can start sending it off on the weekend šŸ™‚

Thing 7:

This weekend my husband is running a LAN at the church which means very soon all his hard work over the past few months will come to fruition and I will have my husband back at last šŸ˜€

And I think those are enough things for the moment. What’s your happy-making list?

Happy-Making List

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