Faith, Love and Truth

Today I’m going to perpetrate a big blogging no-no and talk about religion and politics. Both of them. Together.

Well, actually, I’m going to take the chicken’s (or busy girl’s) way out and let other people do the talking for me.

The world is an extremely difficult, complicated place, and I strongly applaud anyone who is willing to take the time to search for truth and goodness. I’m a person of strong faith, but I don’t think that precludes questions, doubts or scepticism. On the contrary, I think all these things are integral to living a life of faith and integrity. That’s why I think vlog/blog topics like the following are so important:

And please also check out the fascinating discussion on Maureen Johnson’s blog about conservative Christianity and LGBTQ rights.

Keep questioning, dear blog readers, and keep loving.

Faith, Love and Truth

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