Blue Mountains Trip

So this last weekend Michael, me, and two of our friends went on a roadtrip to the Blue Mountains to do a bit of location research for my new story!
It was amazing!!!

I came back with almost all of my story worked out, full of ideas and inspiration. And not only was it my first research trip, it was one of the first trips Michael and I have taken since we got married two and a half years ago, so doubly exciting!

Some awesome moments:

1. Seeing the Three Sisters for the first time – I can’t believe I’ve never been to Katoomba before. I’ve only ever seen them in pictures, which can’t really contain their majesty and the vast valley below.

2. I didn’t have great expectations of Scenic World, which is a railway down into the valley and a cable car back up, but it was actually pretty spectacular. I had no idea there was rainforest in the Blue Mountains. It was so beautiful. And the railway (steepest in the world) was really quite fun.

3. Real hot chocolate! Katoomba is all about the chocolate.

(Photo from the cafe’s website – we didn’t think to take a photo. The candle at the bottom of the orange canister melts the chocolate drops you place in the top with the warm milk…mmm)

4. Dinner at the Old City Bank Brasserie. Amazing pub food, AWESOME ambiance. Another photo from a website:

I love the old bankers lamps! I’ve decided that when I set up my office I’m going to decorate it 1920s style. So awesome.
Next door is this hotel:

As we were leaving, there was fog floating through the garden and we got some awesome, spooky shots on Michael’s iphone. Will post those later. The hotel is called the Carrington and it reminds me so much of the hotel the narrater met Max de Winter in Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which is EXACTLY the feel I’m going for in my novel.

5. There were a ton of awesome waterfalls, and this one wasn’t the most spectacular but Michael did such an awesome job with this photo I had to post it:

6. Wisemans Ferry is a beautiful spot, and I can see how it would be very spooky in the evenings, with the fog on the river and the mountains looming up behind. It was beautiful and sunny while we were there, though:

So I have a ton to do now that I’m home. I’m thinking I may be able to start writing next week – the beginning of August, exactly a year after I started Tiger Eye. I’m excited and daunted and sleepy and I really need to do a load of laundry, but it was the most amazing trip and I wanted to share that with you. Those of you who actually know me can see more photos on my facebook 🙂

Blue Mountains Trip

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