More Milestones

You know how last time I wrote, I was having trouble finding the excitement?

Well, the excitement has come. In fact, I was so excited about the upcoming submission process, that I finally got up the courage to post my draft query on Verla Kay’s Blue Boards. More than that, I included a call out for critique partners. Long time readers know how much finding a critique partner stresses me out. But I did it! Now to wait and see if anyone replies.

I’ve also started planning my next book, codename AGR. This part of the process is sweet – there’s nothing more exciting than having a new project in the works, getting to know the characters, exploring plot possibilities. Next weekend I’ll be embarking upon my first ever research trip with my husband and some of our best friends to the Blue Mountains. I’m so excited about this, you have no idea. When we get back I’ll have to post some photos. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Australia IMO.

I’ve started the collage and I’ve named the town and started marking out major plot points. I can’t wait to start writing, but I’m holding back – I’ve still got some important points to determine and I’d like to have done the research trip and have a better understanding of the area before I begin.

But overall – so excited!

Oh, and I’ve also had some preliminary feedback from friends and family about Tiger Eye, which has been on the whole quite positive. I still have copies to send out to people (sorry it’s taken so long!) but should be doing that this week.

I’m off to do some research (leisure reading to the layman 🙂 ). I hope your weekend has been as enjoyable as mine.

More Milestones

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