Break Time

On Tuesday I finished the second draft of my novel.

On Wednesday Michael designed a cover and printed the first copy.

On Wednesday night Michael began reading Tiger Eye.

Early Thursday morning I received my first reader comments.

On the weekend I will be sending copies out to Beta readers.

Am I excited? Well, no. Don’t get me wrong, I will be. But at the moment I am just bone-achingly, random-crying-jag exhausted. And just thinking about these wonderful things makes me more exhausted.

This novel was the biggest project I’ve ever embarked upon. It took an enormous commitment of time and energy to have made it this far. Even just contemplating the next steps makes me burst into tears. I guess I’m just a little overwhelmed.

As excited as I am to start the next book, and then complete a second round of revisions on Tiger Eye, I’m also really ready for a break.

It helps that I’m in semester break from uni. In the next few weeks I’m going to spend some time on my health, building up those good habits again, and just let the new story stew. (The two are linked – my favourite way to plan my stories is by taking long walks and runs, where I can let my subconscious work while exhausting my body).

Today, my first day of break, I will be spending the afternoon in sitcom bliss. Maybe I’ll have an early night so I can get up early and do some yoga.

Break Time

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