Thoughts on a Sunny Saturday Morning

Hi All!

So, life goes on, the words slowly trundle on by, and somehow we’ve made it to winter already. Just thought I’d share a few thoughts as I haven’t done so in so long (sometimes I think I should set up a regular schedule, like with yoga. Maybe I’ll be that organised one day).

1. So Michael bought me the complete 10-season box-set of Friends for my birthday and I’ve already watched it all several times. I adore Friends, not just because it is hilarious and very entertaining but because it gives me a nice dose of perspective on life. For instance, it tells me you don’t have to have things figured out in your twenties. Or thirties. And if the series had continued, in your fourties or fifties either. I loved that Chandler changed careers in his thirties. I think this is fairly common these days. But it’s nice to know that the decisions I make now about uni majors and job opportunities don’t have to define me for the rest of my life. Also, I loved the episode where they all turned 30. Yeah, it’s scary, and yeah, you don’t have things all figured out, and yeah, your love life may not be perfect, but that’s okay. It’s okay to take things slow. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to rely on your friends.

2. This morning on the way to work I made a major characterisation decision. I decided to remove a character’s disability. It was difficult to do, but I know it was the right decision. As a secondary character who didn’t impact the plot in any major way, I just didn’t have the time to devote to him to give a realistic portrayal of his condition. I just wasn’t doing him justice. None of his scenes were working and he was becoming a bit of a token character. This is going to cause a major overhaul of a minor plot-line, but I’m happy to do it – I’ve been stalling quite a bit on revisions lately and I think this was why. So I’m happy and looking forward to going home from work to start working on it.

3. I bought a new macbook last week because I was given money for my birthday and my old laptop decided to cark it. The first thing I did? Install Scrivener, of course! Oh my goodness, I love this program!!! I’ll probably go into more detail after I’ve used it longer, but lets just say that it appeals to all my Monica-like insane organisational quirks. And separating the document into easy-accessible chapters and scenes is SUCH a blessing. So much easier than navigating a gigantic word document. Using a Mac takes a bit of getting used to but I love it already. It just seems so much more…connected and intuitive, if that makes sense? I think perhaps which operating system you prefer to use depends upon your personality, perhaps?

I was going to go to 5 thoughts but this blog post seems long enough for a Saturday morning. Hope it’s sunny where you are and that you are currently drinking a warm beverage and thinking happy thoughts.

I’m such a hippy today đŸ™‚

Thoughts on a Sunny Saturday Morning

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