Some Things on a Sunday

1. I start back at uni in a little over a week. This is FREAKING ME OUT. I’ve started getting excited about my subjects but even after ruling up a weekly timetable, I have no idea how I am going to fit everything in. I really want to have Book #1 revised by my birthday in May, but that is three months away and I’m moving incredibly slowly as it is, even without uni.

2. I’m trying to calm down and put less pressure on myself, especially when it comes to writing. As much as I would like to be, I’m not a full-time writer yet and I have other responsibilities. I need to be happy with doing as much as I can with the time that I have, rather than comparing myself to full-time writers and freaking out about my low rate of production. I know much of it is fear that when I graduate uni I won’t have anything to go into – I have no idea what I will do if I’m not published by then. I know that I have to accept the possibility that it will take years and years before I am published. I also know that after I graduate and get a full-time job it will be harder and harder to fit the writing in.

3. I’ve joined Verla Kay’s Blue Boards, which I am very excited about. I’m hoping to find a critique group on there because I know how invaluable that would be for me.

4. I had a really good conversation with my husband over pancakes today about the future. He said something really sweet. He said the reason he has so much confidence that I will become a full-time writer one day is because he knows how talented I am. He knows my writing is worth something. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have such a supportive partner. It’s amazing. I just hope I can live up to his expectations.

5. To illustrate the slow rate of my revisions, I’m only just getting to the end of Chapter One. I’ve cut so much and added a bit more, and although revisions are absolutely terrifying, they are also very fun and fulfilling. I am writing a good book. It really increases my confidence in my own ability.

Thats all for now! Hopefully I won’t be as tired or stressed out as I have been this week so I can post more. I have many excellent ideas for posts, if only I can find the time and energy to write them.

Some Things on a Sunday

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