Something awesome: I’ve started skimming through TIGER EYE to formulate an outline which I will revise from. In the beginning this was incredibly hard and discouraging as I realised how very bad my novel is and how much it will take to fix it. But in the last half of the novel things started getting good. I giggled at funny bits I didn’t even remember putting in there. I liked whole portions of text. I felt joy and sadness with my character.

This all caused a sudden realisation: TIGER EYE has improved my writing exponentially.

Just comparing my skill from the first few chapters to the last, writing this novel has taught me so much! If I improve so much with every novel who knows where I could be in 10 years?

So today I have gone from extreme discouragement and contemplating trashing the novel completely, to supreme encouragement.

I will make this novel good. Just watch me.


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