It’s amazing the things you find on the internets. No, I’m not talking about cat videos, although those are pretty amazing. I’m talking about those blog entries, sometimes from people you don’t know or haven’t heard of before, that are framed at that perfect pitch to encourage you in the way you need it the most.

This week’s encouragement came from Nova Ren Suma, author of Dani Noir, which sounds fascinating although I haven’t yet got my hands on a copy. Nova’s latest blog entry is about not talking about your project just because people ask you what you are working on. If you’ve been reading my blog (the two of you who have been. Hi friends!) you will know I’ve had this complex about trying to explain my book to people when I’m asked. I think a large part of it is what Nova talks about:

"All I’d need is one wrinkled nose or offhand remark or distracted look across the room at the hot guy/ hot girl/ hot other novel and it could derail the whole project. You wouldn’t know that—you could innocently say something completely innocuous and not realize how much of an impact it could have. It’s not your fault. Still, I’d rather not risk it."

And it’s true. The ease at which I could become totally discouraged about my project is truly amazing. We writers are sensitive types. Even though I’ve written it to the end, it’s still not ready for the world, or to phrase it more accurately, I’m not ready to give it to the world.

So from now on when people ask me what my book is about I will say "It’s a YA novel about a girl learning to take responsibility for her actions" – the vaguest possible answer. And if you ask what I’m working on now, I will either say "It’s a book about Summer" or "It’s a YA novel about a girl caught between two cultures."

You’ve been warned 😉

I do think it is important for me to admit to people that I am a writer but from now on it won’t be accompanied by the stress of actually talking about my book/s. At least until they are published – then just try and stop me!



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