I am exhausted. Excuse the typos and the not making sense.

On Friday night Michael ran a LAN at the church, which is basically an overnight computer party, so when I came home from work on Friday I sat down to work on my novel.

I’m at the climax of the novel, and never having written an ending before (or a middle, really) I was pretty exciting to get writing.

So here’s the thing about climactic moments. They are intense. They are emotional. They are exhausting. It’s really hard to stop writing and just leave your character hanging there until you can get back to the story.

I didn’t get much sleep on Friday night.

On Saturday morning Energy Australia turned off our power for a few hours so they could change the power cable running to our house, so I couldn’t do any writing. Michael took me out for breakfast and I admit it was nice to take a break from the madness that is my novel.

After he went back to the LAN I sat down and churned out another 2500 words, before crashing on the couch around mid-afternoon. I didn’t get any sleep, however, because Michael kindly invited some people home from the LAN to share in our air-conditioning (there was a heat wave on Friday and Saturday). Being a virtual zombie and knowing I wouldn’t get much done with friends around I took a break. We watched 2012 (which is a very amusing, terribly scripted movie) and ate Indian food.

They didn’t go home until late (late for me at least) so I didn’t get enough sleep again last night.

Queue this morning.

I am exhausted.

I have 5000 words left to write and am still in the middle of the climax so poor O in a state of much distress.

I have a cup of strong tea and a can of coke sitting next to me and a coffee on its way. I’m not expecting too much of myself but I really, really, want to get this thing done by Monday at the latest.

Is this what all endings are like?

64493 / 70000 words. 92% done!


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