And Now, For My Next Trick…

The plan has been that when I finish the first draft of TE (otherwise known as the Autumn Book) I would move to a new schedule of revising the Autumn Book on the weekends while writing/planning a new project (hereby labelled the Summer Book) during the week.

I am very, very excited by the Summer Book. I came up with this idea around the same time that I started writing the Autumn Book (which I got the idea for at Movie World in Jan ’09). I’ve been trying to ignore it ever since.

Lately I’ve let myself dwell on it a little more as I’m so close to finishing the Autumn book. The idea has already grown to be almost completely unrecognisable from its original incarnation, and I’ve begun to realise how much more it is going to have to change before I begin writing.

My original idea was for a book exploring all the emotions and significance I equate with summer. It was going to be a contemporary YA with strong romantic elements.

Then it started becoming more of a paranormal YA with the same contemporary/romantic elements and an extra POV. A bit of an odd, unbalanced mix.

But I’m starting feel that for me to commit 6 or more months of my life to this world it needs to be something really spectacular. It needs to be something tremendously exciting for me to write and for other people to read. It needs to be marketable, also, because I want writing to be my career, not just a hobby on the side.

So I’m re-evaluating my idea, and when I’ve finished the Autumn novel I’m going to dive head-first into research where I will scavenge for ideas on how to make this novel more than just a novel of my heart, but a novel that will touch hearts. More than just a journal entry but something groundbreaking and challenging for me to write.

That is my aim. I can’t wait to get started.

And Now, For My Next Trick…

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