I am salivating for that miracle we call the weekend. It’s so close, yet so, so far…

This weekend Michael is running a LAN party at our church so I’ll be alone on Friday night and Saturday, which I really don’t mind because after Monday I’m dieing to jump into my story again! I haven’t written in a couple of days because a) I’ve not been sleeping well and have pretty much just come home and crashed after work every day this week and b) I’m up to the climax of my story and I need a bit of space to get into the story. I think I’ll have this baby done by Monday at the latest because what I’m writing is so exciting that once I start I just want to keep writing.

I had another encounter with the “30 second pitch” today. It was worse than last time. My boss asked me what I was up to this weekend and I’m terrible at lying so I told him the truth: that I would be writing. He asked me what I was writing and what it was about and I completely floundered. I got all embarrassed and did my whole “It’s really hard to summarize 70,000 words in a sentence” spiel.

I suck.

I shouldn’t be embarrassed to be a writer, I shouldn’t be embarrassed to be writing a book for young people (for goodness sake I am a young person). I keep thinking it will be better after I’m published, that I’ll find the self-confidence then, but I can’t let this be the case. I can’t let publication become the source of my confidence because that’s not at all sustainable. I have to have confidence in my writing and in myself and in the profession I aspire to.

So that’s my goal.

Not sure when I’ll check in next, hopefully I’ll be hard at work writing all weekend.


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