Writing Day

Mondays, for me, are always terrible days. I’m not sure why this is exactly, because Mondays are my day off from work. I suppose it might be because after a fairly full weekend I’m feeling tired but still trying to push myself to get a substantial amount of writing done before my work week starts. Add to this the phenomena of the ‘cloudy monday’ – I’m someone who is very much affected by the weather and for some reason there seems to be an over-abundance of cloudy Mondays where I live.

Well, none of this was the case yesterday. Yesterday was a dream day. I slept it, woke up just in time to kiss hubby good-bye, had a leisurely breakfast, did my devotion outside in the sunshine, checked a kazillion things off my to-do list and started writing at 11. Normally by 5 I’m feeling pretty knackered and starting to think about dinner so that’s when my productivity slows but yesterday 5pm came and went without my noticing.

Michael must have noticed what a great day I was having because he went out and got takeaway and after watching a particularly good episode of Dollhouse (good because the plot actually progressed. I swear, being cancelled was the best thing that every happened to that show. Sorry Joss!) I went back to the writing.

I wrote until 9.30pm.

4500 words. A personal best.

The only downside was that I could get to sleep after that because I was too excited about what was happening to my characters.

60106 / 70000 words. 86% done!

Writing Day

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