My Week

Okay, so this week wasn’t as good a week for resolutions. I barely wrote a thing, didn’t go to the gym once, and only made it through a few chapters of the book I’m reading (On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, in case you are interested).

So what is my excuse? Two things:

1. My social life. I’ve spent a fair bit of time this week catching up with various friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

2. Extreme exhaustion. Not sure why I was so tired but it may have something to do with my sleepwalking tendencies this week.

But I plan to make up for it all by writing a heap today, tomorrown and Monday. Today I’m also going out second hand book shopping which I’m SO excited about. I have a list and money in my wallet and all is good. It’s part of my attempt to stop feeling guilty about buying stuff for myself. I thought I would start slow, with the relatively inexpensive (I hope) second-hand variety.

I’m also going to try the local farmers market for the first time on Sunday. I’m hoping it will also provide a cheaper alternative to produce at Woolworths, and I love markets.

So that’s my weekend. What will you be up to?

My Week

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