Critique Partners

I’ve not really thought much about getting a critique partner before now. This was mostly because I’d never finished a novel (still haven’t, technically, but getting awfully close). I’m looking at the revisions I’m going to have to do and thinking it would be kind of nice to have someone who knew a bit about writing to prod me in the right direction, to give me some advice, to help me see what is working and what really, really isn’t.

So I’ve spent much of my weekend scouring the internet for advice on finding a critique partner and have almost completely given up on the idea, because:

1. It’s so scary!

2. I’ve heard a bunch of horror stories about getting involved with the ‘wrong’ CP, and the many, many years it took to find the right one.

3. I feel odd about entrusting someone I’ve never met, who I really know very little about, with my manuscript.

4. No one seems to have a clear idea about how to spot a good CP in the wild.

5. Most people seem to want someone around their age. I dont’ mean to seem boastful but I don’t know many 20 year olds who have actually finished a novel, or else I just can’t find them out there on the internets. Most 20 year olds seem to be preoccupied with things other than the publishing industry, things like uni and beer.

 has set up a critique-partner finding service and I’m thinking about just throwing myself out there but I’m pretty terrified that things won’t work out/ no one will be interested in my novel/ I won’t find anyone with a similar mindset and goals. Also, I feel kind of weird that the first person to read my novel will be a stranger on the internet.

I’m thinking perhaps I might put out a query on Verla Kay because I am familiar with a lot of the regular post-ers. I feel like I know them all just a little bit. But what if I am laughed out of the thread?

I’ve also queried my local writer’s centre about their groups but I’m concerned because from what I’ve seen most of the members seem to be over 50. I worry that they may not appreciate my YA efforts.

So I’m pretty gah! about that.

For some good news, I re-potted the frangipani tree we bought last christmas in place of a christmas tree and she is doing SO MUCH better. I’ve always felt sorry for that poor plant. Keeping it inside and hung with ornaments for the first month of its stay with us didn’t do it much good and leaving it in its original pot (we didn’t want to plant it as we are currently renting and would like to keep her with us until we buy a place) meant it didn’t grow AT ALL in the past year. It’s been about a week since I re-planted her and her trunk it green and growing and she has lots of fresh new leaves. It’s heartwarming 🙂

Pictures to come.

In other news:


54000 / 70000 words. 77% done!

Critique Partners

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