Good week, better weekend

Okay so it’s Friday, the end of my first week under my new resolutions. I’m feeling pretty great. Really. I went to the gym straight after work and was grinning like an idiot on the treadmill. I think this is the answer to finding balance in my life. It’s been a constant struggle ever since I started uni, got married and started my part time job (all at once, mind you). I found it really hard to fit the important stuff in, like being healthy and writing and quiet times.

My major problem was that in order to feel successful in any one of these areas I felt I needed to devote all my time and energy to it, which left less time and energy for everything else. It was so hard to prioritise. But with these resolutions with their long term view I am able to gain a little perspective when planning my days, such as thinking, well, I went to the gym yesterday but I didn’t get much writing done so maybe I’ll concentrate on that today. Obviously I try to fit more than one of my resolutions into each day, for example on Tuesday I read a bit while eating breakfast (resolution #1), did a devotion in my lunchtime (#5), went to the gym after work (#3) and did some writing before dinner (#2). Some days are harder than others however, and when on Thursday I only fit in one of my resolutions I was still patting myself on the back, no guilt trip needed, because we all need a break every now and again.

Michael and I have a very busy weekend  ahead of us and not because of our magnificent social life – it’s actually our social life which has gotten us behind in housework etc. These are my goals for the weekend:

– Get a good chunk of The Poet read. Maybe finish reading Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen.
– Write lots.
– Church
– Dishes
– Vacuuming
– Go to the beach if it is sunny enough
– tidy study (aka Lena’s Room) again. I get more writing done there but it is also our dumping ground so I don’t always fit
– Do some yoga
– Destroy old gym membership. This one is probably just a wish rather than a goal as I’ve been trying to do this for some time now.
– Spend time with hubby
– Clean out new fridge. Not much in there but good habit to make.

I think (hope) that is all.

Good week, better weekend

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