70k in one sentence

As I near the end of my first draft of TIGER EYE (temporary title – waiting for someone to come up with something better) I’ve begun to think about how I’m going to describe it to people after it’s finished. I mean, my darling husband is very proud of my efforts and has been telling everyone we know that I’m writing a novel, and I know that at some stage I’ll be asked what it is about.

It’s really hard to boil down 70,000 words into a sentence or two. Good thing I came across this post.

This morning at work I began to brainstorm what my ‘elevator pitch’ might look like. This is what I came up with:

"It’s about an 18 year old girl reporter who is convinced the local superhero is behind a series of attacks on the dark streets of the city."

Is that enough? I thought about including a statement of what is on the line for her, something like:

"She risks everything to uncover the truth – her career, her friends and even her life."

But that’s not very descriptive and doesn’t really clue you into the hints of paranormal in the novel. Does the first statement make it seem as if the superhero is attacking the streets rather than people on the streets?

Gah, this is hard. I wrote up a synopsis which included a tagline like the above but I’ve realised that even it only describes what happens in the first few chapters of the novel. And when I wrote the synopsis I wasn’t sure if there was even going to be any paranormal elements.

So I suppose the important question is: does my ‘elevator pitch’ pique your interest?

70k in one sentence

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