Things I’m looking forward to

47348 / 70000 words. 68% done!

1. Getting rid of this cold/flu thingy. All I want to do is sleeeep and with the deadline I’ve set myself for this novel I can’t afford to give in.
2. Stationary! This is where I reveal the extent of my nerdiness. Yes, I like comic books and Star Wars and Tolkien but what really sets me apart as a nerd is an extreme love of stationary. I spend every moment I’m not writing or reading these days fantasizing about all the different kinds of stationary I can buy to help me revise this novel. *swoons*.
3. When I finish this novel I can start the awesome new novel that’s just begging to be written. Those first few weeks with a new story is just like new love.
4. Not being sick. Seriously.

Things I’m looking forward to

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